iHistory Podcast Project
Australian Dictionary of Biography - Online Edition
World History Atlas and Timelines
BBC History
My Place for Teachers
My Place Website - ABC
The Imperial Transantarctic Expedition 1914 - 16
Casa Historia Site - useful for many topics
ABC Splash site
You Tube Playlist from Tom Driscoll - Many History topics covered
Crash Course World History Video Playlist on YouTube
Video on How to access Historical Images on Google Earth
BBC Archives
Women's Labour History Site
Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Society

History Skills
Useful Short YouTube clip on Source Analysis
You Tube Link using 9/11 on Primary and Secondary Sources
YouTube Link using US Civil Rights Movement on Primary and Secondary Sources
Stanford History Education Group
Source Analyser from Class Tools
Source Analysis Sheet from LA McDermott
Using Sources Support Map
History Skills Online
Helping students with Historical Context Questions by Ken Radical
Essay Writing Skills Advice

The National History Challenge (Years 1- 12)
The Simpson Prize (Year 9 & 10 Only)
Australian History Competition
Premier's ANZAC Student Tour

Foundation - Personal and Family Histories
Australian Family History and Genealogy: Selected Websites

Year 1 - Present and Past Family Life
Australian Family History and Genealogy: Selected Websites

Year 2 - The Past in the Present
HTAA Year 2 A Signifcant Local Site

Year 3 - Community and Rememberance
Visit Gallipoli | The Anzacs | Australians in war | World War 1
Australian War Memorial: One of the world's great museums
The Gallipoli Dead

Year 4 - First Contacts
First Fleet Online Database
HTAA Year 4 First Fleet

Year 5 - The Australian Colonies
Golden Victoria
Australian Screen Videos on Eureka

Year 6 - Australia as a Nation
Visit Gallipoli | The Anzacs | Australians in war | World War 1
Australian War Memorial: One of the world's great museums
WWII posters - a photoset on Flickr
The Great War - You Tube weekly videos
The Gallipoli Dead

Behind the News - Federation

Year 7 - The Ancient World
Otzi - The Iceman
PDF Book on Nyiyaparli people from the Pilbara
Based on British Course but a lot relevant to Year 7 Cheat Sheet
Animation on Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
Article from 2016 National Geographic on King Tut's tomb

Year 8 - Ancient to the Modern World
Animated Bayeux Tapestry
A Young Person's Guide to the Battle of Hastings (NZ Animated Video)
Worst Jobs in History - Knights (video)
Decameron Web - The Black Plague
Spread of the Black Plague - Interactive Map
Black Death Comic Strip
History Today Article "Shipwrecked in Japan 1609"
Links to Primary Sources on Medieval Europe
ite with short video on Black Death
History Today Article on the term Dark Ages

Year 9 - Making of the Modern World

Video from Mr Allsop's History on the myth of Gavrilo Princip's sandwich
Department of Veterans Affairs Teachers Site on Anzacs
Visit Gallipoli | The Anzacs | Australians in war | World War 1
Australian War Memorial: One of the world's great museums
Who Wants to be a Cotton Millionaire (Game)
The Great War - You Tube weekly videos
Slang Words we use today from WWI
The Gallipoli Dead
BBC World War I site
National Museum of Australia WWI Homefront Lessons
Industrial Revolution - Worst Jobs in History Industrial
Short TedEx Film on Atlantic Slave Trade

Year 10 - Australia and the Modern World
Australian War Memorial: One of the world's great museums
World War II - World War II Photos
World War II Database: Your WW2 History Reference Destination
World War 2 Pictures In Color
BBC Archives Britain at start of WWII
WWII posters - a photoset on Flickr
BBC - WW2 People's War
Dr Seuss Cartoons from WWII
World War II in Europe Animation
Link to Sallyluane Pinterest Page on Year 10 AC Rights and Responsibilities
Teacher Resource on Myths of 1967 Referendum
US Civil Rights Digital Page
Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Society

Year 11 - Modern History
Unit 1 Elective 6 - Meiji Japan ( 1853 to 1911)
Sources for Meiji Japan in English
For Japan - Fordham University East Asia Internet Source Book
Photos in The Guardian in Colour from Japan 1865
Unit 1 Elective 7 - Capitalism the American Experience (1907-1941)
US National Archives Docs Teach
US Facing History The Reconstruction Era Videos
The rise of Industrial America 1865 to 1900
Unit 2 Elective 6 - Nazi Germany
German HISTORY - All Facts and Events
BBC Germany Bite Size Site
Examples of Nazi Anti Jewish Propaganda
History Today Article on Hitler in 1939
German History in Documents
(See Historiography site in Year 12 Section below)
Alpha History Weimar Republic Link
Alpha History Nazi Germany Link
Alpha History Holocaust Link
History Today Article on Sinking of German Fleet at Scapa Flow 1919

Year 11 - Ancient History
Connected Teacher Site on Pinterest ( includes Ancient History Links)
Panopoly Link

Year 12 - Modern History 2015
US Presidential Briefings 1961-1964 released Sep 201
Hoover Institute Interview with Stephen Kotkin on Stalin
Article by Graeme Freudenberg on Whitlam from March 2015 Australia 50's to 90's
Interview from LateNightLive about a book on Frankie from " I Was Only 19"
ABC Site 80 Days That Changed Our Lives - Australian History
Whitlam Dismissal Site
Trove Record of Prime Ministerial Speeches from Curtin onwards
Year 12 Russia 2016
Russian Rulers Series of Podcasts
Russian History|| Bucknell University
Orlando Figes Website on Russia
Alpha History site on Russian Revolution updated Feb 2015
17 Moments in Soviet History
MIT Russia Timeline on 1917 Revolution
Year 12 Europe 2016
Link to EU History site
BBC Archives site on Berlin Wall
German Historical Documents up to 2009
Timeline of European History 1989 to 2008
Review of Book on Nixon and Europe
Al Jazeera site on the Siege of Sarajevo
Mr Guiney's video on Origins of the Cold War
Short video on the Arms Race
Year 12 China 2016
Link to Alpha History China website

Year 12 - Ancient History
History Skills website with Ancient History Links