Crisis & Response - The National History Challenge

A morning for primary and secondary teachers interested in implementing the National History Challenge this year (or in the future).

The session will include a seminar on this year’s theme ‘Crisis and Response’, and workshops on teaching primary, lower senior, and upper senior historical inquiry skills.

We will be joined by Neil O'Sullivan, Senior Lecturer from UWA, who will discuss the response of the Roman statesman Cicero to the death of his daughter Tullia. Cicero is one of the most important men in world history, given his prominence in Rome in the last days of the Republic and his voluminous writings which went on to have enormous influence on later times. These writings contain hundreds of personal letters which give us a unique insight into his intellectual and emotional life — indeed it has been truly said that we know more about him than any other person from the ancient world. His reaction to the death of his only daughter and favourite child, shortly after she gave birth, can be traced in his own correspondence and in other ancient documents.

LOCATION:  Shenton College and ONLINE. 
DATE:           Saturday 4th May 2024
TIME:            9.00am – 12.00pm
COST:           Free

(This event is fully catered)

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