Always the Best: Homer and Friends in Perth

"Always be the best: Homer & friends in Perth" - Dr Neil O'Sullivan

The current exhibition at the WA Museum, "Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes" rightly focuses on their love of competition, a quality which always defined Greek culture. We see this characteristic passion already in their earliest poet, Homer, and in the world he imagined long before him. War, so often the theme of his work, is the most brutal form of competition, but he describes other contests which were already important in his time and later came to be seen as distinctively Greek, such as those in athletics and, subtly, even in poetry itself. Illustrated exclusively by pieces in the current exhibition, this talk explores the spirit of competition in Homer and in subsequent Greek culture, contrasting it with our superficially similar but rather different sense of the role of competition.

Regardless of whether you are teaching or studying Years 11 and 12 General or ATAR Ancient History or teaching Year 7, this FREE lecture has enormous value for all of our WA syllabus points.

Bring along all your Year 11 and 12 students, and get them to soak up a bit of Uni culture along the way at this critical time when they’re considering their tertiary education futures.  

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