Excavation at Piramesse

Excavation at Piramesse - Click to enlarge picture.
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Dr Edgar Pusch of University College London, was Field Director at the site of Qantir – Piramesse, the capital city of Ramses II - for a number of years.

Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, moved the administrative capital of Egypt from Thebes, 650 kilometres south of Cairo, north to a site on the Nile Delta, 110 kilometres north of Cairo. Here Ramses II, was a prolific monument builder in the New Kingdom including projects such as the infamous Ramesseum in Thebes and the Temple at Abu Simbel, built his new capital city.

Edgar Pusch will talk us through his excavation of the site and his insights into life in Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom as well as the stunning finds from the site including an industrial scale bronze foundry, glass making and colouring workshops, enormous factories for the production of faience and evidence for the building of chariots along with a training ground and stables for 480 horses. There is even evidence that Ramses II kept a collection of exotic animals.