Russia and the Soviet Union 1914–45 (Online)

Russia and the Soviet Union 1914–45 (Online) - Click to enlarge picture.

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Year 12 Student Seminar - Russia and the Soviet Union 1914 - 1945

This student seminar will be streamed live from Notre Dame University, Fremantle and is available ONLY to students attending schools more than 75km from Fremanlte. Please note, it will not be recorded for viewing at a later date

DATE:            Saturday 6th May 2017  

TIME:             9.00am – 12.30pm

The seminar will cover
  • Examining documents
  • Answering document questions
  • How to answer essay questions
  • Preparing for examinations

Extensive notes will be made available on the day.

Details of how to log on to the seminar will be provided upon purchase.